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Customized solutions

that make your business spin.

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Here, we solve problems:

We use Chance Management to understand that the process of transforming a business is only made possible in an efficient and advantageous way when supported by the BPM tripod

Na Consultoria, todo mundo cresce junto. 

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At Consulting , everyone grows together. 

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Tecnologia e pessoas andam juntas. 

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Technology and people go together. 

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Um Treinamento feito para movimentar. 

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A training made to move. 

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Outros serviços 

que descomplicam as tarefas de gestão.

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Other services  

that simplify management tasks.

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The union of people and technologies gives results.

We implement software designed for the performance of your business.

Why outsource your company's support activities?

| Reduce costs

| Reduce general and labor expenses 

| Manage risks

| Focus on your core business

| Control cash flow

| Access new features

Gabriela Hiderik,


Nutritionist and owner of Bem Querer.

Girou's implementation is a great help to portray the reality of our company in an organized and simple way and free us to invest time in what really matters.

Otávio Brandão,


Production Engineer. Projt 4.0 owner.

Girou thinks outside the box. Visionary, she does everything for companies to take longer and longer flights and achieve their goals!

Our products are present

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